Monday, February 8, 2010

How to create Carrie Underwood hairstyles

CELEBRITY HAIRSTYLES HAIRCUTS 2010: Carrie Underwood Hairstyles

American Idol winner Carrie Underwood has not only been making waves in the music industry, but is also in the fashion spotlight. Her signature is her golden locks, and to date we have seen many a Carrie Underwood hairstyle.

Celebrity Hairstyle Haircuts 2010: Carrie Underwood wavy long Hairstyle

The Carrie Underwood hairstyle has ranged from straight down with a middle path to curly and wavy. At the Billboard Music Awards in 2005, she had a style featuring razored layers creating a very chic and edgy look. The style is perfect for younger women and will suit any face shape. To start, add gel to damp hair to hold the style in. Spray gel is better than gel from a tub, as there is less risk of using too much. Too much gel can weigh down your hair and give your hair a wet look.

Celebrity Hairstyle Haircuts 2010: Carrie Underwood wavy long Haircut

Part your hair to the right and use a medium size radial brush for blow-drying. Dry each section down and under. Always start with the back, then do the sides, the crown and the bangs. Blow the bangs forward and towards the side you have parted it. When your hair is dry, use a medium sized curling iron to create a set of curls. Again, start with the back sections, and curl up to the mid-lengths. Once you have all your curls in place comb through gently to separate them.

Celebrity Hairstyle Haircuts 2010: Carrie Underwood straight medium long Hairstyle

Now that you know how to create your very own Carrie Underwood hairstyle, you will be ready for a night out on the town in no time.

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