Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Best Hairstyles For Red Hair 2010

Best Hairstyles For Red Hair

Many people long to have beautiful red hair. It’s the stuff of fairy tales and romance novels all over the world. Red hair is beautiful, and there are many styles that you can wear with red hair. One great style is a shoulder length bob haircut. This haircut uses layers and bangs to make a beautiful frame for the face and is easily adjustable for any face shape. The layers are very soft, and are curled under down the sides, to make the frame. You can also wear this style shorter than shoulder length if you want to. It’s a great way to show that you are both sophisticated and fun.

Best Hairstyles For Red Hair 2010

A long blunt cut can be a beautiful look for a redhead. This style is great for round or heart-shaped faces, but be careful if you have an oval face because it could make your face seem longer, depending on how the layers are done. The cut is all one length, but it is softened somewhat by long layers that frame the face. The bangs are side swept to help soften the look even more. It works best if you have straight hair. If your hair isn’t naturally straight, then you can use a flatiron on dry hair to get a great sleek look.

Best Hairstyles For Red Hair 2010: Marcia Cross red Hair

An angled cut is a great modern look for any redheaded woman. This cut can be worn long or medium with great effects. If you really want to, you could even turn this style into an angled bob for short hair. The great thing about the angled cut is that it uses angled sides, which can help make it suitable for anyone. To make it even better, it can be done in layers, which will help bring out all of the red hues in your hair. Blunt bangs are the norm with this cut, but you can change things around to make it all your own.

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