Friday, July 31, 2009

Cameron Diaz Haircuts

Cameron Diaz Haircuts-2009 Summer Hairstyles

Often, straight, medium-length hair women have a tough time in finding new hairstyles that are unique and different. Having mentioned that, they are lucky to be able to find the inspiration in the form of actress-model Cameron Diaz.
Cameron Diaz's hair texture is very thin and straight. For most women, it would pose a problem but not for the gorgeous star. She has been observed wearing virtually every imaginable haircut there is; from sexy waves to sporty bobs and the likes. Although she is a natural blonde, she has been caught dyeing her hair from time to time.

Cameron Diaz Haircuts-2009 Summer Hairstyles
For a start, Cameron Diaz was spotted having deep brown shoulder-length hair. Among some of the best features of Cameron Diaz's haircuts, other than her trademark golden locks; are her side-swept bangs. These bangs work perfectly to highlight among the best features of her face – her beautiful blue eyes.

Cameron Diaz Haircuts-2009 Summer Hairstyles

Among some of the Cameron Diaz haircuts that have been emulated by celebrity fashion fans are the Cameron Diaz Updo Hair; Cameron Diaz Shoulder-length Wavy Haircut (with center parting); Cameron Diaz Blonde Haircut; Cameron Diaz Dark Haircut; The Cameron Diaz Asymmetrical bob haircut; Cameron Diaz long hair with side-swept bangs/fringes and many more.
Cameron Diaz blonde Haircuts-2009 Summer Hairstyles

Regardless of the Cameron Diaz haircut that you fancy wearing, you will have to first ensure that you have the face shape to wear them. Wearing the wrong hairstyle can bring out the flaws of your face shape and with the right one, able to accentuate the strong features.

Cameron Diaz Haircuts-2009 Summer Hairstyles

Sarah Harding Style

Sarah Harding 2009 Style

Sarah Harding needs no introduction. The gorgeous actress is an attention grabber and head-turner wherever she goes. The media is constantly after her for snapshots and interviews while her fans are constantly adapting her fashion style. Fans of celebrity fashion such as the Sarah Harding style will want to know what their favorite celebrity is wearing. Let's take a look.

Celebrity Hairstyles Haircuts:Sarah Harding 2009 Style

Sarah Harding is blessed with a good looks that complements her great figure. Hence, it comes as no surprise that she can where whatever she want and still be able to pull it off. Whethe formal or casual, the sultry actress is still beautiful in her own ways.

Celebrity Hairstyles Haircuts:Sarah Harding 2009 Style

There is a particular casual style that has seen many fans tried to make it their own. Dressed in gray leggings, a white t-shirt and a black blazer over the T-shirt. What makes this casual attire stand out is her funky accessories. This include an anchor necklace; pink wayfarers and a pair of tasseled heels. She has proved that leggings are still very much an 'in' fashion apparel and is the perfect alternative to a pair of jeans.

Celebrity Hairstyles Haircuts:Sarah Harding new Style

Let's take a look in detail what her accessories are and how much it would cost you to copy her look.

· “Wayfarer” sunglasses (pink) - 120
· Three quarter sleeve blazer - 55
· Enamel Anchor Necklace -18
· Truly Madly Deeply White Rabbit V-Neck Tee - 28

You can “mix-and-match” to adapt the Sarah Harding style to best suit your personality.

Celebrity Hairstyles Haircuts:Sarah Harding latest 2009 Style

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rihanna Fashion Hairstyle 2009

Rihanna 2009 Fashion Hairstyle-Celebrity Hairstyles Haircuts

Rihanna, the gorgeous singer of the hit-song “Umbrella” is a fashion icon in her own ways. She has reinvented the trendy bob in her own unique way. As a result, many of her fans have emulated and adapted the Rihanna Fashion Hairstyle and make it their own. Let's take a closer look at that.

Rihanna long brown haircut

To begin with, Rihanna knows how to wear a hairstyle and reinvent it to make it her own. Rihanna is traditionally associated with short hair. She has been seen wearing the asymmetrical bob whereby the front portion of her hair is cut up to her neckline (about one to two inches beyond the chin) and the back much shorter. The sharp edges of the bob frame her face perfectly and effective in highlighting her beautiful face features.

Rihanna Fashion bob Hairstyle

The next Rihanna Fashion Hairstyle that we are featuring is the chin-length bob. This chin-length bob, as the name suggests, is cut up to the chin on the sides and also features a full front bang (or fringe). This hairstyle suits her face so well and makes fans just want to wear her hairstyle. She gives out a message as if she owns the haircut.

Rihanna Fashion short pixie Haircut

Some of the other Rihanna Fashion Hairstyle that is a hit among fans are her short straight hairstyle which fits her diamond-shaped face perfectly. This hairstyle features no bangs and can be worn to fit all occasions.

Rihanna Fashion latest 2009 pixie Haircut

As illustrated, Rihanna Fashion Hairstyle is trendy and is suitable for all modern trendy women. Dare to make a change and wear one of these Rihanna Fashion Hairstyles mentioned above!
Rihanna Fashion pixie Hairstyle

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nicole Richie Hair Braid

Nicole Richie 2009 Hair Braid

Nicole Richie is a familiar face in the fashion industry. She never fails to grab attention from the fashion photographers as well as screaming fans. As such, her fashion style and hairstyles are constantly being observed. Let's have a look at it.

Nicole Richie 2009 Hair Braid

Nicole Richie has been known to wear many different hairstyles. She constantly changes it. One of her more interesting and exciting hairstyle is known as the Nicole Richie Hair Braid. This is the hairstyle that she has been seen wearing in the “A Time For Heroes Celebrity Carnival”. So, what is this Nicole Richie Hair Braid about?

Nicole Richie 2009 Hair Braid

It is a style that is parted in the center with milkmaid braids on the sides that is secured to the back in a bun. This is quite a complicated hairstyle that combines both the braid and bun. If you are interested in wearing the Nicole Richie Hair Braid, you will have to first learn how to braid your hair in a milkbraid style or any braid of your choice for that matter. If you have no prior experience in braiding your hair, get a friend to help you out. After you are done braiding your hair, you will have to learn to secure the braid in a bun. This also needs some practicing. The key to this would be to practice. After all, practice makes perfect.

Nicole Richie 2009 Hair Braid
The Nicole Richie Hair Braid is excellent to fight off the hot summer sun. At the same time, it will help you to look chic and trendy while you are having fun under the hot summer sun.

Nicole Richie 2009 Hair Braid

Monday, July 27, 2009

Nicole Richie Hairstyles-Haircuts 2009

Nicole Richie Hair

Nicole Richie is not a name that is foreign when it comes to celebrity fashion and style. Her hairstyle has been talk of the media and fans alike. If you are among the many Nichole Richie Hairstyle fans, you have come to the right place. I have some tips for you.

Celebrity Hairstyles Haircuts 2009:Nicole Richie Hairstyle

Nicole Richie's long and curly hairstyle is achieved using unconventional methods. Instead of using a curling iron to curl your hair, you would be using a straightening iron instead. This isn't a joke but a tip that came from Nicole Richie's hair pro.

Celebrity Hairstyles Haircuts 2009:Nicole Richie Hairstyle

Use a flat iron such as the Linea Pro C2. It will be quite a task for you to continue clamping the flat iron while you twist the hair around it. It will take some practice but when you accomplish it, you are bound to get the personal satisfaction out of it. As a result, you will get curls that are referred to trapezoidy with the hair strands bent into some oddly sharp angles.

Celebrity Hairstyles Haircuts 2009:Nicole Richie Hairstyle

Next, Nicole Richie's below-the-chin sleek bob can be achieved by first using about a dime's sized amount of anti-frizz serum on hair that is damp. Next, as you blow-dry your hair, use a large round brush pull your hair straight down while curling the ends at the same time. Last, when you are about to finish, apply a a small drop of shine serum for that Nicole Richie-ness shine.
Celebrity Hairstyles Haircuts 2009:Nicole Richie Hairstyle

The above two Nicole Richie Hairstyles are glamorous hairstyles that are popular among her fans and fashion enthusiasts.

Celebrity Hairstyles Haircuts 2009:Nicole Richie Hairstyle

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sarah Harding Trendy Hair Style

Sarah Harding Hairstyles

Sarah Harding is a glamorous and gorgeous actress who is constantly in the eyes of the media and public. She is fashionable and trendy and as such, many fans tend to try to follow her style. The Sarah Harding hair style is versatile in the sense that she has been seen with many different hair styles since she exploded on the scene. Let's take a closer look.

Sarah Harding short Haircut

Sarah Harding is largely associated with layered hair styles. Although she has been wearing long hair for quite some time, she had went on to wear a very short hairstyle. This comes as no surprise as many Hollywood A-list actresses has been wearing these short hairstyles to great effect. The Sarah Harding long or short hairstyle both are beautiful in its own ways and suit the beautiful actress' face shape.

Sarah Harding short Blond Hairstyle

Her short hair styles in particular have a certain class and charm to it. The back is cut in such a way that the edges are beveled while the sides are long enough to touch or even cover the ears. The hairstyle is reminiscent of the 1960's with bangs that are intentionally cut and left long along with a lifted top. Sarah Harding has been seen wearing many different variations of this short hairstyle and all to adverse effects. Regardless of how she wears it, one thing is obvious and that is she has style!

Sarah Harding short Back side Blond Hairstyle

As illustrated above, Sarah Harding hairstyles are all stylish and trendy. Long or short, she gives them a touch of class to it to make it unique.

Sarah Harding short Blond Hairstyle

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jessica Alba Fashion Hair Style

Jessica Alba Fashion Hair Style

Jessica Alba is a gorgeous celebrity whose fashion style is constantly on the roving eyes of the media and fans alike. She has been seen wearing many different kinds of hairstyles over the years. Let's take a look at one of the more popular Jessica Alba fashion hairstyles.

Jessica Alba's Sexy Wavy Highlighted Long Hairstyle

This is among the more popular Jessica Alba fashion hairstyles there is. The hairstyle in itself is a lesson on how to wear great hair. We will be showing you how to achieve the golden highlights and the sexy wavy hairstyle that she wears effortlessly. Needless to say, there are two steps involved – the Highlighting and Cut/style.

Jessica Alba Fashion HairStyle

The Cut
Layer your hair for volume and bounce. They are long hair that is slightly layered on the ends. Layers on the front will help not only to frame the face but also to show off the highlights even more. Using a medium-barreled curling iron, curl to create the waves. When you are done curling, gently shake the curls off using your hands for a more natural look
The above tips will help you achieve the Jessica Alba Sexy Wavy Highlighted Long Fashion Hairstyle with ease.

Jessica Alba Fashion HairStyle


Brunettes have a hard time when it comes to highlights. Therefore, only highlight one or two shades lighter than your natural hair color. Wear your hair normally as you would to get a good idea on wear to place the highlights. Space out your highlights for a natural look. Highlight around the face area for the best effects and also towards the back.

Jessica Alba Fashion HairStyle

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Drew Barrymore Hair

Drew Barrymore Different Hairstyles

Drew Barrymore, the famous “Charlie Angels” star is a fashion icon in her own ways. Her fashion style and hair have been the focus of both the media and fans alike. Although her hairstyles constantly change, Drew Barrymore Hair has been studied by fashion students as well as worn by celebrity fashion fans. Let's take a look at one of her popular hairstyles.

Drew Barrymore Hair

Drew Barrymore Brigitte Bardot-Inspired Hair
This is the Drew Barrymore Hair that was seen at the Los Angeles premiere of Grey Gardens on 16 April 2009. She was seen wearing a sexy Bardot-inspired long, wavy hairstyle. To top it off, she even had a faux-piece which was worn to give more length and volume; complete with winged eyeliner and retro pink lipstick plus other attire to give her the 60s retro siren look. It was also referred to as The famous “Drew Barrymore 1940's netted hairstyle”.

Drew Barrymore Hairstyle

You can achieve this Drew Barrymore Hair by using styling mousse and a volumizer. After that, set hair in rollers for 20 minutes or so before removing. Next, clip crown of hair together. Tease the crown using a soft brush or comb. When you're done, hold up hair in sections and spray it. Finally, use a brush to smooth it out before finger combing it. Spray your hair again a final time and viola!

Drew Barrymore Haircut

The above Drew Barrymore Hair is a sexy, gorgeous long-hair look which runs all the way up to the top of your back. With Drew Barrymore as your inspiration, you won't get it wrong!

Drew Barrymore sexy wavy Hairstyle

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tyra Banks Hairstyles

Tyra Banks different Hairstyles

Tyra Banks is a model/actress/host that is not foreign among fans of celebrity fashion. Her fashion style including her hairstyles are constantly being followed by women all over the world from every walk of life. Over the course of years, she has been seen wearing a myriad of attractive and gorgeous hairstyles.

The Wavy Long Tyra Banks Hairstyle

This blonde hairdo that Tyra Banks spot was seen at the 35th Daytime Emmy Awards and it was a definite show-stealer! It is a gorgeous and sexy hairdo that is suitable for diamond, square, oblong and oval-shaped faces with medium and thick hair texture with medium or dense density. The styling requires high maintenance and can be achieved with techniques such as blow-drying, scrunch and with the curling iron, along with hair-care products such as lacquer,;moose; smoothing shine and wax.

The Straight Long Tyra Banks Hairstyle

She has been observed wearing this style in many different variations to great effects. This particular straight and long hairstyle features full front bangs which are cut all the way up to the eyebrow level as seen in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. It is suitable for those with diamond, oblong or oval-shaped faces with medium or thick hair texture along with medium or dense hair density. It is a high-maintenance styling hairstyle and can be achieved using blow dryer and straightening iron (if your hair isn't naturally straight) along with products such as hair spray, wax and smoothing shine.

Tyra Banks medium curly Hairstyle

The above are but among two of the many different Tyra Banks Hairstyles for you to wear.
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