Wednesday, July 15, 2009

David Beckham Haircuts

David Beckham different Haircuts

David Beckham is a professional footballer and a familiar face on countless of product endorsements. He is a trend-setter in everything – from the football pitch to tattoos and hairdos. The other half of equally-fashionable Victoria Beckham, David Beckham's haircut has evolved over the years of his career. Let's take a look.

David Beckham Haircut

David Beckham's haircuts has evolved in every possible manner – from short to long to short again and from different shades and dyes; you name it. Regardless of what haircut David Beckham wears, his fans are bound to try to emulate them.

David Beckham Hairstyle

Among his many haircuts, his “mowhawk” haircut is one of the most outrageous and attention-grabber. When David Beckham first spotted the mowhawk – thin on the sides and hair on the middle made to spike up, the fashion and sporting world was on its feet. It garnered mixed reactions – some liking it while others took it as being too bold and unconventional.

David Beckham Hairstyle

David Beckham has also been known to wear different variations of long hairstyles. Among them is the straight-wavy middle-length (brushing the shoulders) that featured a center-parting. He has also been known to wear his long hair in a ponytail. Both of these long hairstyles was worn sometime in the year 2003.

David Beckham Hairstyle

David Beckham's latest haircuts have been more towards the shorter side. He first shaved his head and wore a completely clean-shaven, bald look which has grown to about one to two inches now. It would be hard for him to wear a haircut in the future that he hasn't already done.

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