Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2009 Summer Short Haircuts

2009 Summer Short Haircuts

With summer fast approaching, I am positive you have set aside some wonderful plans. With you busy enjoying the hot scorching sun and getting tanned, it is best to adapt a short hairstyle that is practical so that you need not worry too much about maintaining it.
Summer months can tend to be really hot and this is reflected in our clothing; thinner to allow more air to go through. We can do the very same thing for our hair.

2009 Summer Short Hairstyle

Not only will it be easier to maintained, you will find yourself less sweaty and and being more light-headed as well.While long hair may often be associated with being feminine, short hair women can look just as gorgeous and sexy. I can automatically think of 3 women whose short haircut have been a trademark; Charlize Theron, Halle Berry and Meg Ryan. The trio don short hair with so much style and grace that thousands of women have took after their style. Who says short has to be masculine?

Rihanna 2009 trendy short haircut

Short hair does not necessarily mean a crew or bob. You can adjust the length to a level that you are comfortable with. You can refer to the galleries of the 3 celebrities I mentioned above for a sensational short summer hairstyle to suit you and your face shape. You can also play with a lot of highlighting as well as coloring for added effects.
I certainly hope you will find the suitable short summer hairstyle to go along with your face and summer fashion. After all, summer is all about fun under the sun!

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