Friday, July 31, 2009

Cameron Diaz Haircuts

Cameron Diaz Haircuts-2009 Summer Hairstyles

Often, straight, medium-length hair women have a tough time in finding new hairstyles that are unique and different. Having mentioned that, they are lucky to be able to find the inspiration in the form of actress-model Cameron Diaz.
Cameron Diaz's hair texture is very thin and straight. For most women, it would pose a problem but not for the gorgeous star. She has been observed wearing virtually every imaginable haircut there is; from sexy waves to sporty bobs and the likes. Although she is a natural blonde, she has been caught dyeing her hair from time to time.

Cameron Diaz Haircuts-2009 Summer Hairstyles
For a start, Cameron Diaz was spotted having deep brown shoulder-length hair. Among some of the best features of Cameron Diaz's haircuts, other than her trademark golden locks; are her side-swept bangs. These bangs work perfectly to highlight among the best features of her face – her beautiful blue eyes.

Cameron Diaz Haircuts-2009 Summer Hairstyles

Among some of the Cameron Diaz haircuts that have been emulated by celebrity fashion fans are the Cameron Diaz Updo Hair; Cameron Diaz Shoulder-length Wavy Haircut (with center parting); Cameron Diaz Blonde Haircut; Cameron Diaz Dark Haircut; The Cameron Diaz Asymmetrical bob haircut; Cameron Diaz long hair with side-swept bangs/fringes and many more.
Cameron Diaz blonde Haircuts-2009 Summer Hairstyles

Regardless of the Cameron Diaz haircut that you fancy wearing, you will have to first ensure that you have the face shape to wear them. Wearing the wrong hairstyle can bring out the flaws of your face shape and with the right one, able to accentuate the strong features.

Cameron Diaz Haircuts-2009 Summer Hairstyles

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