Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rihanna Fashion Hairstyle 2009

Rihanna 2009 Fashion Hairstyle-Celebrity Hairstyles Haircuts

Rihanna, the gorgeous singer of the hit-song “Umbrella” is a fashion icon in her own ways. She has reinvented the trendy bob in her own unique way. As a result, many of her fans have emulated and adapted the Rihanna Fashion Hairstyle and make it their own. Let's take a closer look at that.

Rihanna long brown haircut

To begin with, Rihanna knows how to wear a hairstyle and reinvent it to make it her own. Rihanna is traditionally associated with short hair. She has been seen wearing the asymmetrical bob whereby the front portion of her hair is cut up to her neckline (about one to two inches beyond the chin) and the back much shorter. The sharp edges of the bob frame her face perfectly and effective in highlighting her beautiful face features.

Rihanna Fashion bob Hairstyle

The next Rihanna Fashion Hairstyle that we are featuring is the chin-length bob. This chin-length bob, as the name suggests, is cut up to the chin on the sides and also features a full front bang (or fringe). This hairstyle suits her face so well and makes fans just want to wear her hairstyle. She gives out a message as if she owns the haircut.

Rihanna Fashion short pixie Haircut

Some of the other Rihanna Fashion Hairstyle that is a hit among fans are her short straight hairstyle which fits her diamond-shaped face perfectly. This hairstyle features no bangs and can be worn to fit all occasions.

Rihanna Fashion latest 2009 pixie Haircut

As illustrated, Rihanna Fashion Hairstyle is trendy and is suitable for all modern trendy women. Dare to make a change and wear one of these Rihanna Fashion Hairstyles mentioned above!
Rihanna Fashion pixie Hairstyle

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