Friday, July 24, 2009

Sarah Harding Trendy Hair Style

Sarah Harding Hairstyles

Sarah Harding is a glamorous and gorgeous actress who is constantly in the eyes of the media and public. She is fashionable and trendy and as such, many fans tend to try to follow her style. The Sarah Harding hair style is versatile in the sense that she has been seen with many different hair styles since she exploded on the scene. Let's take a closer look.

Sarah Harding short Haircut

Sarah Harding is largely associated with layered hair styles. Although she has been wearing long hair for quite some time, she had went on to wear a very short hairstyle. This comes as no surprise as many Hollywood A-list actresses has been wearing these short hairstyles to great effect. The Sarah Harding long or short hairstyle both are beautiful in its own ways and suit the beautiful actress' face shape.

Sarah Harding short Blond Hairstyle

Her short hair styles in particular have a certain class and charm to it. The back is cut in such a way that the edges are beveled while the sides are long enough to touch or even cover the ears. The hairstyle is reminiscent of the 1960's with bangs that are intentionally cut and left long along with a lifted top. Sarah Harding has been seen wearing many different variations of this short hairstyle and all to adverse effects. Regardless of how she wears it, one thing is obvious and that is she has style!

Sarah Harding short Back side Blond Hairstyle

As illustrated above, Sarah Harding hairstyles are all stylish and trendy. Long or short, she gives them a touch of class to it to make it unique.

Sarah Harding short Blond Hairstyle

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