Friday, July 31, 2009

Sarah Harding Style

Sarah Harding 2009 Style

Sarah Harding needs no introduction. The gorgeous actress is an attention grabber and head-turner wherever she goes. The media is constantly after her for snapshots and interviews while her fans are constantly adapting her fashion style. Fans of celebrity fashion such as the Sarah Harding style will want to know what their favorite celebrity is wearing. Let's take a look.

Celebrity Hairstyles Haircuts:Sarah Harding 2009 Style

Sarah Harding is blessed with a good looks that complements her great figure. Hence, it comes as no surprise that she can where whatever she want and still be able to pull it off. Whethe formal or casual, the sultry actress is still beautiful in her own ways.

Celebrity Hairstyles Haircuts:Sarah Harding 2009 Style

There is a particular casual style that has seen many fans tried to make it their own. Dressed in gray leggings, a white t-shirt and a black blazer over the T-shirt. What makes this casual attire stand out is her funky accessories. This include an anchor necklace; pink wayfarers and a pair of tasseled heels. She has proved that leggings are still very much an 'in' fashion apparel and is the perfect alternative to a pair of jeans.

Celebrity Hairstyles Haircuts:Sarah Harding new Style

Let's take a look in detail what her accessories are and how much it would cost you to copy her look.

· “Wayfarer” sunglasses (pink) - 120
· Three quarter sleeve blazer - 55
· Enamel Anchor Necklace -18
· Truly Madly Deeply White Rabbit V-Neck Tee - 28

You can “mix-and-match” to adapt the Sarah Harding style to best suit your personality.

Celebrity Hairstyles Haircuts:Sarah Harding latest 2009 Style

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