Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How To Get Lauren Conrad's Hair

How To Get Lauren Conrad's Hair

Lauren Conrad is another Hollywood star that has always been the focus of fashion-conscious modern women. Everything – from her fashion style to hair have been emulated. Among the more popularly-asked questions is how to get Lauren Conrad's Hair. Let's have a look.

Lauren Conrad's Hair

Lauren Conrad appears to constantly change her hairstyles. Let's examine her hairstyles closer.

The Twisted Pullback
This hairstyle is easy to wear yet appears to be classy. All you really need is some bobby pins, curling iron and some hairspray. You will need to blow-dry your hair if it is naturally very curly. You will need to center-part your hair, separate into sections and curl (starting from the bottom layers) them section by section. Loosely twist and pull sections of hair from the sides to the back of your head and secure them with bobby pins. Finally spray to hold.

Lauren Conrad's Haircut 2009

Straight Chic Ponytail
This is the hairstyle that is similar to the one seen in “The Gossip Girl” series. However, the difference here is that Lauren Conrad wears it smoother and sleeker. She also adds a trademark head scarf or headband for a chic finish. You can have many variations with this including with side-swept bangs or with a headband or simply a plain and simple chic ponytail.

Lauren Conrad's Hairstyle

Lauren Conrad has many different hairstyles. If you are interested in wearing one of her beautiful hairstyles, it would be best to search her photos and print it out; bring them over to your hairdresser. Be sure to ask if the particular chosen hairstyle will suit you.

Lauren Conrad's Haircut

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