Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tyra Banks Hairstyles

Tyra Banks different Hairstyles

Tyra Banks is a model/actress/host that is not foreign among fans of celebrity fashion. Her fashion style including her hairstyles are constantly being followed by women all over the world from every walk of life. Over the course of years, she has been seen wearing a myriad of attractive and gorgeous hairstyles.

The Wavy Long Tyra Banks Hairstyle

This blonde hairdo that Tyra Banks spot was seen at the 35th Daytime Emmy Awards and it was a definite show-stealer! It is a gorgeous and sexy hairdo that is suitable for diamond, square, oblong and oval-shaped faces with medium and thick hair texture with medium or dense density. The styling requires high maintenance and can be achieved with techniques such as blow-drying, scrunch and with the curling iron, along with hair-care products such as lacquer,;moose; smoothing shine and wax.

The Straight Long Tyra Banks Hairstyle

She has been observed wearing this style in many different variations to great effects. This particular straight and long hairstyle features full front bangs which are cut all the way up to the eyebrow level as seen in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. It is suitable for those with diamond, oblong or oval-shaped faces with medium or thick hair texture along with medium or dense hair density. It is a high-maintenance styling hairstyle and can be achieved using blow dryer and straightening iron (if your hair isn't naturally straight) along with products such as hair spray, wax and smoothing shine.

Tyra Banks medium curly Hairstyle

The above are but among two of the many different Tyra Banks Hairstyles for you to wear.

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