Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Drew Barrymore Hairstyles

Drew Barrymore Hairstyles-Celebrity Hairstyle Haircuts 2009

Drew Barrymore is a model/actress who is constantly on the cover of fashion and entertainment magazines. Wherever she goes; whether it is a formal event or in a casual outing, photographers are constantly clicking their cameras away. As such, her fashion style including her hairstyles have been the focus and talk of the fashion and entertainment community. Let's have a look at several of Drew Barrymore's hairstyles.

Drew Barrymore Hairstyle

As with most celebrities, Drew Barrymore's hairstyles are constantly changing. It could either be due to a requirement for a movie role or simply a personal change in style. Let's have a look.

Celebrity Hairstyle Haircuts 2009:Drew Barrymore straight long Haircut

Her wavy medium hairstyle, as seen during the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards was labeled as “full” and also “fancy”. The hair was cut just beyond the chin in length and was side-parted. She wore it in a golden blonde color and was full of volume with waves created at the right places. It also features a side-swept bang and the hairstyle accentuated her beautiful facial features unlike no other.

Celebrity Hairstyle Haircuts 2009:Drew Barrymore Brown Haircut

From the wavy medium hairstyle, we move on to the Wavy Long Drew Barrymore hairstyle. She was seen wearing this hairstyle on one of David Letterman's shows. The hair was cut just beyond the shoulders and featured waves and long layers. The side-parted hair also occasionally featured full side-swept bangs and was labeled as sassy and classy. This particular hairstyle was worn in blonde-brown color.

The above two are two classic examples of Drew Barrymore's hairstyles that you can choose to wear.

Celebrity Hairstyle Haircuts 2009:Drew Barrymore Blonde wavy Hairstyle

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