Monday, August 10, 2009

Kate Perry Bob Hair

Kate Perry Bob Hair-Celebrity Hairstyle Haircuts 2009

The bob haircut has always been referred to as a timeless classic. The haircut had been reinvented over the recent years with many celebrities wearing them and redefining them in their own manner. Among them are Victoria Beckham. Rihanna and Kate Perry. Let's take a look at Kate Perry's bob hair in particular.

Kate Perry Bob Haircut-Celebrity Hairstyle Haircuts 2009

Kate Perry is among the many actresses who dared to wear the bob haircut. Bobs require the wearer to have a great level of self-confidence because it is traditionally a short hairstyle which tends to show off the facial features. However, when worn correctly, it can also work in the wearer's favor by framing the face shape and accentuating the facial features perfectly.

Kate Perry Bob Hairstyle-Celebrity Hairstyle Haircuts 2009

Kate Perry's bob haircut is generally more towards the long bob haircut. It is a cut that is worn about 2-3 inches below the chin and also features cute straight front bangs/fringes which was cut just touching the eyebrow level. The color of Kate Perry's long bob haircut was a rich brunette which highlighted her skin tone and beautiful big eyes perfectly. Kate Perry wears the long bob haircut to the fullest effect because it brings out the fun, sexy and flirty self in her!

Kate Perry Bob Hair-Celebrity Hairstyle Haircuts 2009

The bob can be worn in varying lengths (from very short to long like Kate Perry's); however, it always gives the appearance of a rounder face shape. Therefore, if you have a round face, avoid wearing the bob haircut.

Kate Perry Medium wavy Bob Hair-Celebrity Hairstyle Haircuts 2009

Kate Perry's long bob haircut brings out her facial features beautifully.

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