Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Carmen Electra Hairstyles

Carmen Electra Hairstyles by Celebrity Hairstyles Haircuts 2009

Carmen Electra has been a well known sex symbol for years. She has played roles in various low budget and big budget films. She is very famous for dating and even marrying musician Dave Navarro. Find out how this beautiful actress wears her hair. Who knows, you may even get some pointers for your own hair!

Celebrity Hairstyles Haircuts 2009:Carmen Electra bangs Haircut

Carmen Electra is a natural brunette and she does not hide it. In fact, she loves to show of the shine through her long hair. Carmen has been sporting the longer look for the last few years. Not only does she wear the hair long, she also wears it with a little bit of natural wave. This allows the hair to flow a lot better than it typically would.

Celebrity Hairstyles Haircuts 2009:Carmen Electra updo Hairstyle

On the red carpet, we have seen Carmen with an elegant up-do. This is one of the greatest benefits to having the longer hair. It allows you to do so much more than you would be able to with shorter hair. The shine also sticks out a whole lot more. If you have the time to wait around, why not get started now and start growing!

Celebrity Hairstyles Haircuts 2009:Carmen Electra wavy Hairstyle

Carmen Electra has been one of those stars that have been abele to stick to her long locks. Her hair rarely changes as the eyras go by. If you feel that this might be a style for you, talk to your stylist. You may even want to look into adding some light layers in there as well. this helps to add great body throughout your hair!

Celebrity Hairstyles Haircuts 2009:Carmen Electra Hair

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